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Casting Policy

How we respect the process of inclusion led casting.

This Casting Policy applies to the process of casting undertaken by Adelle Moss and individuals who we interact with at various stages of the audition process. We remain committed to all production houses, promoting and maintaining exceptional standards at all times. We aim to create an environment whereby children can showcase their best work and remain committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all regardless of ethnicity, race, gender and gender reassignment, sexuality, age, physical ability, faith or economic background.

We strive to audition a diverse list of children for every role to more accurately reflect the diversity of modern Britain. We are committed to using Schedule 9 of the Equality Act 2010 where appropriate.

We have a duty of care to the child and their safety in auditions and mental wellbeing throughout the process is paramount. We will challenge any inappropriate behaviour and report where necessary. No child will be in a one-on-one situation with any member of a creative team and professional chaperones will be in attendance at all times.

If you have any comments or questions about this notice, feel free to contact us at

Data protection

We abide by the principles of GDPR and we are committed to keeping confidential information safe. You will never be requested to supply information regarding sexual orientation, ethnicity or disability however you may be required to state the age of the child in order to ascertain the length of time they can perform under the performance regulations.


Casting notices will be shared through various channels not limited to professional industry websites, agents, direct mailing lists and social media. Where ever possible and appropriate it will detail the role requirements, playing age of the child, length of contract, fee and audition dates (if known at time of publication). In the interests of sustainability, we request that all submissions are made electronically.


We endeavour to audition as many children as possible who meet the requirement of individual briefs, however due to limited capacity we cannot guarantee an audition. All children submitted must have the right to work in the UK for the duration of the contracted period.

Audition invite

Upon being notified of an audition the agent/parent/guardian will receive the following:

  • Names of all creatives expected to be present at the audition

  • Date, time and venue

  • Any preparation/material required prior to the audition, a character brief and accent if applicable

  • Wardrobe specification

  • Description of what the child may be asked to do eg. group/solo singing, workshop setting drama activities, dancing or presenting script.

If you cannot make your audition or the child becomes unavailable please inform your agent or contact casting so the opportunity can be offered to others. If your child becomes ill please do not attend the meeting.

Access requirements

If either you or the child have specific access needs please notify us at your earliest convenience. If any child requires script/sides/music in another format we will do our very best to make suitable alternatives available. On the rare occasion that material is distributed in an audition, you will be notified in advance and suitable arrangements can be put in place if required. It is the responsibility of the agent/parent/guardian to make us aware of any additional needs.

Script, sides and music

Material is usually sent electronically and must be treated confidentially. If access to a computer is limited we can send hard copies time permitting. We endeavour to give each child as much notice as possible to prepare material however if you feel your child is underprepared please do inform your agent or email us and we will try to accommodate where possible.

It may not always be possible or indeed necessary to explore all material prepared.


We are mindful of the expense of attending live castings however it is not always possible to ascertain suitability of a role from self-tapes. If you require further guidance on how to compile an audition tape please speak to your agent or read the guidelines from the CDG.


Additional auditions may be required to explore further material or to allow other members of the creative team to meet the child. Additional meetings will be kept to a minimum and we endeavour to arrange meetings outside of compulsory school hours wherever possible.

Filming of auditions/recalls

Parents will always be asked to give prior approval of filmed meetings as it may not always be possible for the whole creative team to be present. Any footage collated during the audition process will be used solely for the casting of the project and will not be distributed outside of the creative/production team without your prior approval.


Due to time constraints, we are unable to give feedback on individual auditions.


It is not always possible for creative decisions to be made in real time and children may be placed on hold. If it is decided the child will not be continuing in the casting process their agent/parent/guardian will be notified at the earliest opportunity and thanked for their time. Every child who is called to audition (excluding self-tapes) will receive a Yes or No response. If an offer is made to the child we appreciate a speedy response to either accept or decline the offer. All offers are subject to contract and should remain confidential until such a time the producer decides.



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